Get rid of the residual credit fraud headache and optimise your turnover

by Bleckwen

The global credit boom is a golden opportunity for fraudsters

Around the world, credit is growing at an unprecedented rate, driven by low-interest rates and changing attitudes. Paying for a new phone in three or four installments without charge, or using consumer credit, has become a widespread habit.

For many people, owning an asset is no longer a priority: leasing now allows them to enjoy their assets with more freedom while benefiting from associated services. The trend is the same for companies, which use credit to support process development and innovation, especially in the current industrial recovery.

Here again, hire-purchase and, more generally, the economy of use is popular, both for equipment and for services, and well beyond the sectors familiar with this type of credit (IT, printing, machine tools, etc.). The other side of the coin: the development of B2B and B2C credit is a godsend for fraudsters, who are quick to seize on the slightest loophole opened up by these new uses.


  • +5.5% - Annual increase in outstanding loans, including individuals and businesses Increase in new consumer loan production in France Increase in credit fraud per year Banque de France, Sept. 2021
  • +25% - Increase in credit fraud per year, ASF Sept. 2021
  • +25,3% - Increase in new consumer loan production in France, ASF Sept. 2021


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