Modular Fraud & Anti Money Laundering platform

Build your own bespoke fraud & AML/TF transaction monitoring.

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Give your business teams the tool they need
IT teams benefit of a higly flexible solution
▶︎ Alternatives in terms of implementation
API or event based architecture

▶︎ Capacity to extend product to fit to requirements
Plugin architecture

▶︎ Simplifies the integration in a real time payment architecture

Meets ultra low latency requirements (<200ms)
Empower your fincrime team
▶︎ Create scenarios with plenty of advanced variables

▶︎ Test instantly scenarios on past transactions and measure impact & performance.
Compare & optimize

▶︎ Push instantly scenarios live, with appropriate level of governance.

▶︎ Create advanced rules strategy per transaction, segment per geography partner...
Easy to integrate
▶︎ Easy to deploy on-premises or on any Cloud
standard deployment architecture & automation

▶︎ Easy to connect
flexible data dictionary API

▶︎ Fine tuning can be done in a second phase with a high level of autonomy of the business team
Take back control
▶︎ Deep understanding on alerts

▶︎ High level of collaboration

▶︎ Advanced alerts/transactions visibility strategy per user

▶︎ Ability to search in historical transaction with advanced filters
Success story
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"In the face of ever more sophisticated attacks, traditional rules-based financial crime tools are no longer sufficient. With Bleckwen we were able to build a new solution that combines rules and machine learning algorithms to provide an effective response in the fight against fraud."
Nicolas Trimbour, Head of fraud prevention & Chief Data Officer
BNP Paribas Cash Management
A modular platform powered by AI
• Customisable
• Open
• Extensible
Create your custom solution and put it in production faster, thanks to Bleckwen's open and modular achitecture.
a customisable and extensible platform
trusted bY

Bleckwen is trusted by some of the biggest names in finance

✔︎ Take control by building an adaptative solution that can evolve over time
✔︎ Directly enrich, test, valide and optimise new detection rules
✔︎ Respond more effectively to evolving fraud and money laundering patterns
Love the product graphicfight financial crime effectively with a modular platform

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