Bleckwen Lending Fraud Solution

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Product features
Bespoke AI
We do not believe in one size fits all. We create AI models for each customer based on our industry experience and tailored to your own data and business requirements.
Real-time Response
We provide you with a real-time API fraud score based on hundreds of data variables.
Explainable Models
Our explainable AI models allow users and regulators to comprehend and trust the scores provided by Bleckwen.
Easy to Integrate
With simple API endpoints and clear documentation, our customers can rapidly integrate with our service.
Model Management
Our team of experts constantly analyse models for drift and effeciveness and will re-train the models when required, saving you time and money.
Machine Learning Reporting
Bleckwen service provides a dashboard as an overview to the system
powered by AI
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Exposing the power behind your data
Machine Learning solutions increase detection rates and generate half as many false positives.
We take your data and make it useful. Our team creates bespoke models using your data, enriched with our own, to solve your particular needs.
guaranteed return on investment
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Bespoke Fraud Assessment
We believe in our technology at Bleckwen and want to prove to you how fast we can save you money. That is why we are offering your first bespoke scoring model. Invest small amounts of time in helping us understand your data and requirements, and we will do the rest.
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