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AI-powered technology to

  • prevent lending fraud

  • reduce operational costs

  • detect residual fraud

  • reduce cost of fraud

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Market Issues
  • Synthetic ID: 20% of irrevocable credit losses.
  • False intermediaries: €43m of fraud between 2018 and 2020
  • Corporate credit fraud: €260k loss on average per fraudulent partial unemployment file
Undetected Fraud
  • 5-10% of fraud attempts are not detected during onboarding
  • Legacy systems cannot adapt fast enough to the changing fraud environment
High Operational Costs
  • Rule-based systems generate customer friction and dropout
  • High false positive rates due to internal AI models not regularly updated
Bleckwen solution
Prevent lending fraud with bespoke solutions
Bleckwen's powerful fraud detection and prevention service is tailor-made to leverage your data and to conform to your business requirements. We deliver accurate predictive analytics, processing hundreds of variables in real-time, to solve first line fraud or detect fraud missed by your current solutions.

Our adaptive solution, managed by fraud and data science experts, ensures you are protected from constantly evolving fraudsters.
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THE Benefits
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Save money

Reduce the total cost of fraud by improving fraud detection, reducing operational efficiency and reducing customer friction.

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Rapid time to value

Powerful and easy to integrate API solution with well-documented REST APIs. Get results fast without disrupting your business operations.

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Reduced risk

Proven ROI in weeks thanks to our free fraud assessment. Utilise our experienced team of data scientists and fraud experts.

client comments
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We were won over by Bleckwen's approach and the simplicity with which we were able to collaboratively build a bespoke solution in pilot projects.

We were able to trust the system, and, in the space of 6 months alone, Bleckwen's API enabled us to avoid €1.8 million in fraud.

Karim Tinouiline
Karim Tinouiline - Head of Fraud Prevention
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