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Financial crime: Protect your customers, your revenue and your reputation

It is estimated the annual cost of money laundering and associated crimes ranges from US$1.4 trillion to US$3.5 trillion (Ernst & Young 2021). Meanwhile, the regulatory provisions relating to transactions are evolving all the more rapidly as the continuing shift online brings with it new types of fraud.

Bleckwen provides you with integrated and extensible technology that adapts to your existing solutions. It helps you optimise your overall costs while accelerating time to production.


Bleckwen Modular Anti-Fraud & AML Platform

The only modular and integrated software platform that enables fast-growing FSIs  to build bespoke anti money laundering and fraud monitoring solutions.

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Bleckwen Credit Fraud Services

Fight residual credit fraud, including identity theft and synthetic ID fraud, with a SaaS API-based SaaS solution that complements your existing anti-fraud process.

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Fight financial crime effectively with a modular platform

Take back control by building an adaptive solution that you can evolve over time. Directly enrich, test, validate and optimise detection rules and machine learning models. Respond more effectively to evolving fraud and money laundering patterns

AI-Ready solutions

Artificial intelligence is the only way to date to detect emerging threats while limiting false positives, which are very time-consuming to review. Bleckwen’s solutions easily integrate with your existing solutions, whether or not you are operating an AI-oriented infrastructure.

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Developer friendly

Bleckwen’s solutions are designed by developers specialised in financial fraud: The models and the underlying engine are fully dedicated to fighting financial crime.

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WHY choose us

Designed by fraud professionals

Bleckwen’s teams include developers and former risk managers from fast-growing financial institutions

Co-developed with two international finance leaders

Built in collaboration with BNP Paribas & Carrefour Banque

AI ready for you

Wherever you are in your adoption of AI, Bleckwen interfaces with your existing solutions without adding any customer friction

Adaptive solutions

Our models are maintained and constantly learn to ensure they grow in accuracy

PASSION drives us

Our team of experts are passionate about innovation and helping you reach your goals for growth. Our credo is enabling you to produce your best work.

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With Us

"We were won over by Bleckwen's approach and the simplicity with which we were able to collaboratively build a bespoke solution in pilot projects. We were able to trust the system, and, in the space of 6 months alone, Bleckwen's API enabled us to avoid €1.8 million in fraud."

Karim Tinouiline
-    Head of fraud prevention at Carrefour Banque & Assurance

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