Artificial intelligence in the financial sector: 13 key challenges of the future

by Bleckwen

This white paper is Bleckwen's contribution to the call for tender initiated by the ACPR (French supervisory and resolution authority).

This institution, which reports to the French Central Bank (Banque de France), is tasked with authorising and supervising the activities of banks, insurance companies and their intermediaries in order to protect the interests of their clients and maintain the stability of the financial system. In February 2019, the ACPR concluded a wide-ranging debate on the use of artificial intelligence in the financial sector. Bleckwen, a French fintech company founded in 2016, develops fraud and financial crime prevention software solutions for financial institutions.

The models developed by Bleckwen enable real-time detection of social engineering fraud (CEO impersonation, fake supplier fraud, etc.) and unauthorised fraud (account takeover, internal fraud, etc.) across numerous payment types and are currently used by a number of major French banks to prevent financial crime.

Table of content

  1. No artificial intelligence without data
  2. The cloud is no longer optional
  3. Overcoming obstacles to the use of AI in finance
  4. Adopting A scientific approach to limit bias
  5. Fighting on equal terms  
  6. Unity makes strength  
  7. Explainability: understanding and taking action
  8. Making ai reliable
  9. Cooperating with machines
  10. Using data science to verify AI
  11. Keeping people in the loop
  12. Pooling technological resources
  13. Supporting the development of AI to make the world a safer place

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