Payment Day I Fintech Panorama

March 25, 2022
by Finance Innovation
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Bleckwen participated with other major finance players on the opportunities and growth of Buy Now Pay Later. They interact on the prospects for fraudsters and share their views on mechanisms and propositions for financial institutions to protect themselves against and secure their operations. The event was held in March 2021 in Paris in partnership with Finance Innovation.

Review also the other projects and subjects presented during the event.

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Vinicius Malta

Auto finance fraud statistics

In our new infographic, we explore the risks and fraud in the automotive sector that are growing at an alarming rate worldwide.

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DIAC and BLECKWEN, a winning partnership

For a year now, DIAC (Mobilize financial services group) and Bleckwen have worked together to fight fraud using artificial intelligence. DIAC contributes fully to the prevention and fights against financial crime. In this context, Bleckwen's technological know-how in AI has enabled DIAC to detect and prevent fraud faster and more effectively over the past year.

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by Vinicius Malta

Car finance trends

Tendances observées par les experts financiers sur le marché du financement automobile en Amérique et en Europe. Nous examinons les tendances en matière de leasing automobile, telles que la hausse de la consommation de voitures d'occasion et les nouveaux habitudes de consommation des millennials, ainsi que les risques et les types de fraude qui peuvent se présenter aux entreprises.

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