Payment Day I Fintech Panorama

March 25, 2022
by Finance Innovation

Bleckwen participated with other major finance players on the opportunities and growth of Buy Now Pay Later. They interact on the prospects for fraudsters and share their views on mechanisms and propositions for financial institutions to protect themselves against and secure their operations. The event was held in March 2021 in Paris in partnership with Finance Innovation.

Review also the other projects and subjects presented during the event.

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by Vinicius Malta

Bleckwen’s fraud and data science expertise  

Better fight against fraud and adapt to its evolution with AI

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by Vinicius Malta

Synthetic identity anti-fraud tools

Synthetic identity fraud is a group scam that uses a completely or partially fake identity.

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by Vinicius Malta

Identity verification tools to fight fraud

Digitizing the customer experience is a major challenge for financial organizations.

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