Fraud management award 2022

May 10, 2022
by GRC Outlook

Today's world is in the middle of a digital transformation, most of which is driven by the demand for speed and convenience. This means faster decisions and faster funding. However, the increasing rate leads to higher errors and, thereby, to short fraud. This is where Fraud Management solutions come into the picture. Innovative technology in today's fraud management space is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It is a form of business automation that uses artificial intelligence to perform repetitive tasks that require lots of logic.

These robots are now being used to predict and help root out fraud from billions of individual pieces of data. Some companies are adopting AI for perfecting and optimizing methods to fuse multiple scores and vendor data to analyze the fraud rates. As the industry is technologically advanced, so is the type of frauds businesses have to deal with. From simple to some of the most cutting-edge fraud detection solutions, the industry is also quite noisy today.

To simplify the selection process and help companies to find the best fit for their needs, GRC Outlook Magazine has prepared this special edition on Top 10 Fraud Management Solution Providers 2022. This makes businesses find the right solution provider to deal with their most unique fraud management requirements. The companies listed here are some of the most innovative and cutting-edge solution providers shortlisted by a team of CEOs, CIOs, and fraud management experts. See below Bleckwen's profile chosen as the fraud management company of the year.

Bleckwen's profile
Bleckwen's profile for fraud management company of the year 2022

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