Equals Group choose Bleckwen to power their compliance solutions

Press Release
May 20, 2021
By Bleckwen

Empowering Technology to Empower Compliance with Bleckwen

The Equals Group has chosen the highly modular and extensible Bleckwen Fraud and Fincrime platform to deal with the ever-increasing complexity and volume of payments being processed across the Group.

Bleckwen enables businesses to detect fraud and monitor for suspicious behaviour in real-time using a combination of the latest AI techniques and advanced rules capabilities to provide the most comprehensive and scalable threat response. It does this through its open platform of interoperable components that can be used “out of the box” for immediate value or customised to the exact specification of each client.

The Equals Group is comprised of well-established international payments and e-banking brands including Equals Money, FairFX and CardOneMoney.

The Group’s brands deliver a range of money management solutions to their business and personal clients which include expense management, global payments and foreign exchange currency services. Combined, these services help clients manage cashflow, spending and international transactions.

The Equals Group were searching for a solution to enhance their Group-wide fraud and AML transaction monitoring strategy whilst also supporting their increasing scale. They required a comprehensive, scalable, cloud-ready platform that could support multiple use cases, accelerating payments volume and business complexity.

The Group’s goal was to drive business efficiency and deliver technology that enabled a low-friction customer experience. Through advanced back-testing/simulation and optimisation capabilities, the Group’s fraud and compliance teams are now able to focus on higher priority risk transactions with increased confidence, thus protecting the business’s reputation and bottom line.

The partnership with Bleckwen delivers Equals Group full access to the Bleckwen solution and its capabilities for payments fraud and AML Transaction monitoring

The Bleckwen platform integrates with the Group’s existing tech stack, including their core platform and front-end systems, delivering them the ability to efficiently make risk decisions on each and every transaction in real-time.

Through the Bleckwen platform, the Equals Group can access a full advanced rule and Explainable AI engine and intuitive alert management system for any transactions flagged for manual review. But using the advanced governance and optimisaton capabilities allows the Equals Group to ensure optimal performance of its fraud and compliance functions.

Alongside a natural language rule builder and Explainable AI management system allowing for rapid strategy changes and an automated frictionless experience for low-risk transactions, the Group can test and tune new strategies to ensure full model governance and control before they are pushed into live.

“Our partnership with the Equals Group demonstrates our commitment to working with innovative, high-growth businesses. We look forward to helping them drive greater efficiency, and faster response to both regulatory, banking and external threat related changes"
David Christie – Chairman of Bleckwen
“We are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tech solutions to help us deliver the best service possible to our clients whilst also ensuring we can demonstrate the appropriate controls and capabilities to our banking partners and regulators. Through Bleckwen, we can protect both our clients and the Group’s interests in one platform"
Matthijs Boon, Chief Operating Officer at the Equals Group

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