Bleckwen’s White Paper

Artificial Intelligence in the financial sector:
13 key challenges for the future

Today, Financial Crime teams are facing an increasing challenge in managing the speed and sophistication of change in fraud patterns amongst constantly evolving customer behaviours. This is magnified by the increase in transaction volumes, payments types and channels, in a world that is becoming always on, 24*7 and real-time. A new generation of Artificial Intelligence based solutions enable banks and financial institutions to harness internal and external data and apply advanced analytics to detect fraud and money laundering.


In this ebook, you will learn:

  • How AI improves sophisticated financial crime detection and prevention
  • What are the key points for operationalizing AI
  • What is explainable AI and its role in the human-machine collaboration
  • What are the benefits of a greater collaboration and information sharing of fraud intelligence
  • How regulators can help innovation

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Who we are:

Bleckwen is a French Fintech established in 2016 and based in Paris. In partnership with financial institutions, we deliver highly sophisticated real-time behavioural analysis via AI and help deliver an effective and robust response against financial crime. Bleckwen help teams to focus on what is important when it comes to analysing data. We do reveal the hidden truth in your data.

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