Modular Fraud & Anti Money Laundering Platform

The only modular and integrated software platform that enables you to build your own bespoke anti money laundering and fraud monitoring solution.


The sums spent by financial institutions combating financial crime are colossal and constantly on the rise: up to 3.1% of global revenue (Refinitiv report 2019).


Transaction fraud and money laundering represent losses in excess of $500 billion (Refinitiv report 2019).

A modular platform for fast-growing organisations

The regulatory landscape is evolving and the nature of fraud is changing fast. With risk on the rise, financial institutions need technology to adapt fast too.

For organisations expanding internationally, having a bespoke platform that uses proven tools is essential to taking new, high-performing financial products to market faster.

  • Reduce operating costs

    by bringing new services to market faster

  • Enable fast growth

    at fintechs

  • Give business users the tools they need

    to adapt with agility to regulatory obligations and evolving fraud

WITH us - BNP Paribas

“In the face of ever more sophisticated attacks, traditional rules-based financial crime tools are no longer sufficient. With Bleckwen we were able to build a new solution that combines rules and Machine Learning algorithms to provide an effective response in the fight against fraud,"

Nicolas Trimbour
- Head of Fraud Prevention & Chief Data Officer, BNP Paribas Cash Management
Use AI and real-time rules to monitor your financial flows

Bleckwen delivers the speed and scalability required for payment service providers. Easily integrate real-time transaction monitoring and compliance-alerting capabilities in your fraud-detection solutions.

  • Premium solution

    A solution developed by experts in real-time technologies and in the fight against financial crime

  • Cloud or On-Premise

    Choose the deployment mode which best suits your infrastructure

  • Scalable and extensible

    Fault tolerant and easy to maintain

  • Designed for developers

    Bleckwen builds high-performance systems that accelerate IT projects and solve the cost / quality / compliance equation

  • Easy to integrate

    Works with your existing technology stack thanks to a full range of foundational components.

  • Accessible code

    Easy to extend and to ensure quality

  • ROI rapide

  • Réduction des coûts

  • Reprenez le contrôle

    en adaptant la solution au contexte IT et aux équipes internes afin de raccourcir les cycles de développement liés au maintien des contraintes réglementaires, et réduise la dépendance aux fournisseurs et les risques liés à un projet de construction.

  • Accélération des
    nouveaux services

  • Auditabilité

    du process de traitement de l’information afin de faciliter l’interprétabilité des modèles (conformité) et simplifier les traitements complémentaires (qualité) et l’imputabilité des actions opérées sur les données (sécurité).

  • Rapid ROI

  • Reduce costs

  • Take control

    Less dependence on third parties by adapting the solution to our IT and business needs. Shorten the development cycles linked to regulatory compliance and drastically reduce your project risks.

  • Reduce time to market

  • Fully auditable

    The information processing pipeline is fully auditable to aid model interpretability, to simplify additional processing, and to provide an audit trail.

An open, customisable and extensible platform

Create your custom solution and put it into production faster thanks to Bleckwen’s open and modular architecture.

Customise by customer segment

Manage different business segments with different populations and fraud risks: you can define specific feature sets, ML models and workflows for each.

Out-of-box scores

We provide you with a library of pre-built scores and KPIs. You can modify them or build your own based on your own specific area of expertise.

Integrate multiple data sources

Bleckwen’s engine can harness multiple sources of data (transactions, exchange rates, CRM data, cybersecurity tools…)

Variable capacity engine

Bleckwen can scale to handle whatever volume of transactions you need to monitor now or in the future. You can add plugins and extensions and manage them using the Bleckwen Engine Manager.

Rules management

You know your customers and the specific nature of their transactions better than anyone else. Use your expertise in detecting suspicious activity. Bleckwen’s business rules module gives you an easy yet powerful way to define, test, optimise and deploy business rules.

ML model management

Machine learning models play a major role in our detection engine: You need a transparent way to manage them. The ML Models module gives you a single place to import, test, optimise, view and deploy your models in production.

Case management

Our easy-to-use web application provides the context and information you need to understand and manage alerts, so you can take the most appropriate action for each suspicious transaction and help improve their detection over the long term.

Your bespoke platform, operational
in 3 months


Month 1

Experiment offline using the Bleckwen sandbox while we configure the first deployment.


Months 2 - 3

Deploy your solution to your production environment.


Run transactions through your platform at speed.

The ML models operate and continuously train on the new data acquired.

Ready to get started?