Credit Fraud Services

A powerful fraud detection solution for fast-growing credit players
AI based - Auditable and interpretable - Developed by financial fraud experts


Identity theft and synthetic ID fraud: €45bn lost to credit fraud in 2023.


1% of fraud losses
are recovered

in the world

If financial fraud was a country
it would be the #5
world power.

Despite existing models,
10% of fraud remains undetected

As our lives move increasingly online, credit fraud continues to rise and become more sophisticated. Existing detection systems must evolve towards innovative real-time models that use artificial intelligence.

Objective: (Really) Know Your Customer!

  • Identity theft

    Verify data (telephone operator, bank details…)

  • Synthetic ID theft

    Detect inconsistencies thanks to Machine Learning

  • False declarations

    Verify payslips and tax returns

  • Broker scams

    Detect illicitly obtained documents

Reduce 50% of residual fraud
thanks to Machine Learning

Augment your existing systems with Bleckwen Credit Fraud Services: Using advanced AI and machine learning modules, it models the specific behaviour of your customers to detect fraud hidden deep in your data.

  • Explainability

    Any suspicious activity comes with a report outlining the reasons it was flagged as fraudulent.

  • Monitoring modules that evolve

    We return fraud scores to first validate healthy transactions and flag those that require further investigation.

  • Easy to integrate

    A SaaS API collects anonymised credit applications and returns scores with corresponding explanations.

  • Free trial

  • Bespoke fraud modules

    Machine Learning learns from your organisation’s historical data to produce an optimised, bespoke solution.

  • Real-time analysis

    AI analyses credit history to generate scores that minimise false positives.

  • No customer friction

    Does not add any friction to your existing customer relationship processes.

  • GDPR compliant

  • Demonstrated ROI

    1 euro spent saves 5 euros in fraud

  • Ready for future FATF requirements

  • Less false positives:

    Means less need for manual reviews

  • 50%+ reduction in residual fraud


"We were won over by Bleckwen's approach and the simplicity with which we were able to collaboratively build a bespoke solution in pilot projects. We were able to trust the system, and, in the space of 6 months alone, Bleckwen's API enabled us to avoid €1.8 million in fraud."

Karim Tinouiline
- Head of fraud prevention at Carrefour Banque & Assurance

API-based SaaS for greater flexibility.
Compatible with your existing models.

  • Score feedbacks

  • Integrated with your case manager

    Connect to the Bleckwen API and get scores and explanations in real-time directly inside your case management solution.

  • Explainability

  • Dashboard

Your solution, operational in
3 months


1 month: Ingest

We recover your historical data and train our machine learning models


2 months: Connect

Connect to the Bleckwen API and get real-time scoring and explanations
First dashboards available to check performance


3 months: Score

Inject scores and explanations into your tools and processes

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